Jun 05

We are excited to announce that our team has joined Samsung Electronics.

We started this company four years ago to change the way we discover and enjoy video. We didn’t just write code though. We also built a brand that became synonymous with video discovery. We worked with world-class investors and mentors. We built a team of fantastic people - some of the best in the business - who loved working with each other day in, and day out.

In short, we did a lot, and we had a lot of fun doing it.

Since we began, the ecosystem has changed drastically, but one thing remains the same: consumers still demand an innovative solution to accessing their favorite content.

Our team is excited to develop new technology to meet these challenges as part of Samsung Electronics. Working with Samsung Electronics means we’ll have the resources to start fresh, building products that change the way we watch and discover our favorite content, now and long into the future.

We’re really excited and you should be, too.

Finally, a sincere thank you to you — our friends, fans, users, partners, mentors, and supporters. Without you, we wouldn’t be here. Every video you shared, every piece of feedback — positive or critical! — you sent, every minute spent with you has made this an experience we’ll cherish forever.

Lots of love,

reecedanhenrychris, josh, and michael


For our users going forward…

Shelby will remain an independent entity and will retain its business, products and customers, but will begin winding down its operations.  We know you’ve spent a lot of time with Shelby, and have consequently built a library of favorite videos worth saving. So, we built a handy tool to export all of your favorites/shares from Shelby. Just be sure you are logged into Shelby, and then follow the simple instructions on this page and enjoy digging back into your archive! You have until July 1, but why not “do it now!”

Feb 06


Jan 20

The Bookmarklet is back!

Many of you have asked for ways to save the videos you love around the web to your so you can watch them later, share them with your friends, or just collect them all in one place. 

Today, you can do just that! Meet the bookmarklet.

Drag the button (available here) to your bookmarks bar, and when you see a page with a video you like, hit the bookmarklet to show a list of all videos on the page, Shelby style:
From there you can watch or like any videos you come upon on the web! Hooray Video!
It’s a simple start, but we hope you find it useful. More updates coming soon!

Dec 18

[INFOGRAPHIC] Buyer’s Guide: Comparing Apple TV, ChomeCast, Roku 3, Roku LT

Like most in the TV and video industry, we weren’t too surprised when BusinessInsider released its report in November — aptly titled “TV Is Dying, And Here Are The Stats That Prove It.”

We get it. People don’t want to pay for their cable TV anymore. But the real question is, what other options do they have?

As voracious consumers of video, whether it be via the web, mobile or on pretty much every over-the-top (OTT) box in existence, we’re constantly being asked which OTT device is the right one to choose.

More than 5 million people have ended their cable subscriptions since 2010, leaving a gap that many of the leading OTT devices have filled. Relatively inexpensive ($35-$100) and packed with lots of content to choose from, they also make for excellent Christmas gifts for mom, dad or anyone you choose! 

We’re excited to bring you this infographic with everything you need to know about Apple TV, ChromeCast, Roku 3 and Roku LT — the four leading set-top boxes based on popularity, price and wide content offerings. We’ve excluded gaming consoles such as the Xbox One and Playstation (despite their smart TV capabilities), because we consider them in a separate category

Inside you’ll discover side-by-side comparisons of the top devices, from their hardware and features, to content, mobile/web viewing and more.


Our personal favorite? The Apple TV. Maybe it’s because Shelby.TV’s iPhone app features full AirPlay integration, or because we enjoy the seamless mirroring AirPlay gives us across our Apple products, but that’s the device you’re most likely to see us using here at Shelby HQ and at home. 

And for those of you that still haven’t picked up a gift for mom and dad, we’ve recommended some great and inexpensive streaming box choices for each member of your inner circle.


We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it.


/Team Shelby


Dec 16

Shelby.TV iPhone Update — See more of what your friends like!

Hey friends! A quick note to let you know about the cool new features we released in our iPhone app update.

Here at Shelby, we believe your relationship to video should go beyond reading its title and description. We want you to easily discover the videos your friends like and what they have to say about it. That’s why our latest update is all about giving you more context. 

What’s New in Shelby.TV 2.1:

★ Videos you Like will now be shared to your followers. 

With this update, Liked videos will now appear directly in your stream. That means more access to great video from the people you follow in Shelby. 

When you tap on any user’s avatar, you’ll see all the videos they have Liked and Shared in their full user profileEnjoying what you see? Now you can follow any new user too, right inside in the app.  


★ See who else Liked a video (and more) when you swipe to the left.

Want to know who else has Liked the video you’re watching? Just swipe left to get the full list with one tap on a user’s avatar. Before you know it, you’ll be discovering more awesome videos being shared by the Shelby community.


Other updates include

★ Better video recommendations, based on the videos you Like. 

★ Improved AirPlay experience for those with AppleTV. 

Haven’t updated yet? Get your Shelby here now :)

We hope you’re excited about the ability to dig deeper and discover more people and videos within Shelby. Let us know what you think in the comments below or by shooting us an email


-in community- 

Dec 05

Featured Spotlight: Theresa Hynes

We’re so lucky to count Theresa Hynes as one of our own. Whether its the powerful “How The Media Failed Women in 2013" or Mental Floss’ breakdown on the 30 Game Changing Video Games in history —Theresa always seems to have her finger on the latest trending video. 

Theresa’s also been a tremendous help to us on other Shelby projects. She shot and edited the latest video for our new iPhone app and was responsible for the great images you can see in our team page. 

With such strong video skills, its not that surprising that Theresa has equally great skill in unearthing the latest quirky and smart videos on the web. As of today, we’re proud to announce you’ll be able to see her great video finds right in our Featured section!

Want to learn about more about this talented video curator? Keep on’ scrolling! 

What is the wildest or most bizarre video you’ve ever found on Shelby?

This recommendation: … but it is kinda catchy.

Wait, we almost forgot the basics!  You know … Name, Age, Day Job, Location, Favorite Color: 

Theresa Hynes, 22, Video Freelancer, NY, Sulley Blue

When did you first discover Shelby.TV and what was your initial impression of us?

I think it was late 2011. I was so happy to find a way to discover great content that I wanted to bake Shelby cookies. The internet has great content and I wanted to find those awesome videos.

If you could classify the kinds of videos you watch and share into one or two categories — what would they be?

My categories would be ‘TV & Film’ and ‘Melts your heart/leaves you saying “That was totally wicked!”’ With a lot of Glove and Boots videos. I love you, Fafa.

What’s the difference between a video worth sharing and a video you’d keep to yourself?

For me to share a video, it has to entertain or inspire me and in turn feel it can entertain or inspire others. With sharing comes great responsibility. Some videos just cater to my interests and would not have the same affect for others. With each video I share, I want you to be a little happier, or better off than you were four minutes before. Even if its just a quick smile.

Would you agree that video killed the radio star?

Yes, and I sit and patiently wait to see what web video will do to television as we know it.

Follow @Shelby and read the Shelby Blog for the all latest on our community of video curators. We’ll be revealing the top video curators we’re featuring right here! 


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Nov 21

You can now view any video directly in your Twitter stream!

Awesome news, friends.

As of this week, any time you share a video from Shelby to Twitter your followers will be able to view that video — right in Twitter.

Nov 14

Introducing Shelby.TV’s Brand New iPhone App

Shelby.TV is all about helping you discover and enjoy the video you love. Today, we make that even easier for you with the launch of our new iPhone app.


The new Shelby.TV iPhone app is the best product we’ve built to date. It’s fast, elegantly designed, and filled with great content personalized for you. 

We built the app so you can watch all your favorite videos — whenever you want, wherever you want . Videos that are just like you: edgy, quirky, smart, ridiculous, and sometimes just plain beautiful.

Okay, Okay — So What’s Inside?

Designed specifically for iOS 7, the Shelby.TV App provides you with a single stream of the videos that you actually want to watch, sourced from online publishers you choose to follow, and videos shared by your friends on Facebook and Twitter. 

Oh wait, there’s more. You’ll also get great video recommendations. Each video you watch, like, and share will sharpen our ability to deliver the videos that you want to see, when you want to see them.

How Does It All Work?

The videos in your Shelby.TV stream all come from YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion, but are presented to you with context as to why you should watch — whether it is something your friend said about it on Facebook, or a video recommendation by Shelby.


To power all this, we’ve tracked video sharing behavior across the web and have amassed a growing database of 40 million quality videos. 

It Doesn’t End There.

We haven’t stopped just at mobile. We want you to use the app to sit back, relax, and just watch on your TV too, which is why we’ve built in full AirPlay integration in a smooth, two screen experience. Browse your Shelby.TV stream on your iPhone or iPod touch while new videos play back on your TV via Apple TV.


Check out the new Shelby.TV app in action in this video below.

So, what are you waiting for? Download now and let us know what you think! 

Oct 24

Featured Spotlight: John Vehr


This week’s Featured user is the best kind of video junkie. His love for tech, sports, TV, comedy, or anything that’s just gripping, makes his video stream one of the most compelling in our community.

John Vehr’s love for artistic filmmaking also keeps us in the know on the best video noir. Just today, the North Carolina native shared the beautiful “This is Boston,” a video depicting the city in breathtaking imagery. 

We’re very excited to be seeing his great finds in Shelby’s Featured section. Learn more about this awesome man, below!

Okay, who the heck are you? Name, age, location, occupation, please!

John Vehr / 26 / Charlotte / Developer on the web

When did you first start discovering and sharing your favorite videos on Shelby.TV?

Before Shelby was actually Shelby! I don’t know Reece personally but he seems like a cool homie; so I followed him through TechStars and got to see Shelby be created from just an idea - and now I spend way too much time on it everyday.

In your opinion, what makes for great web video? 

I think the most powerful videos out there are the ones with less narrating and more sound and visuals. So the ones who can tell the story through those two elements, in my opinion, get it.

What kind of video can your past, present and future Shelby followers expect to see?

For the most part I cover everything, but I only associate myself with the most knarly ones. For me, being able to share awesome videos is like my way of putting a ‘stamp of approval’ on it and want others to have the same experience that I had!

As soon as we’re done reading this brilliant Q&A, what is the all-time must-see video we have to watch?

Follow @Shelby and read the Shelby Blog for the all latest on our community of video curators. We’ll be revealing the top video curators we’re featuring every week! 


-in community- 

Oct 22

Comment on the videos you watch, when you watch them!

Have you ever found yourself watching a video on Shelby — when a funny or interesting thought comes to mind?

Now you can share your comments with your friends and the Shelby community with the introduction of comment threads on Shelby’s video share pages.

Every video now has its own place where it can be discussed with the people closest to you. Its like your own little forum, for your own community, that lacks the noise and obtrusiveness that so many other comment threads have.

How does it work?

To get to one of these pages from within Shelby, just click on the timestamp thats in every video card in your stream (pictured below), or on any short link you come across. 

When you visit a page, you’ll discover a single video elegantly laid out with with a forum to disqus what’s on your mind.

So, go forth and comment knowing you’ll be talking with only the people you care about … such as your friends, family, and, er, baristas!



- in community -

Oct 09

Featured Spotlight: Kunal Tandon

We love Kunal. It’s hard to explain exactly why.

It could be because he’s always a great time in person. Or because we always can count on him to share great video. Or it may be because he believes in our mission and has been a Shelby supporter since day one. 

What ever the reason may be, we’re excited to announce Kunal as this week’s Featured user. 

The Breaking Bad-addict is the first to share the latest videos on tech, comedy and music.

But don’t let us go on, keep readin’ to learn more about Kunal in our Q&A! 

You know the drill: Name / Age / Occupation, please!

Kunal Tandon / 28/ Entrepreneur

If a picture is worth a thousand words, where does that leave video?

Whoa — I didn’t know Math was a part of this interview! If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is limitless. I’ve been blown away by the creativity that people can pack into 6 second Vine clips. The possibilities are endless with what people can communicate through video.

What’s the most mind-bending video you’ve seen as of late? 

Like many people, Breaking Bad has been taking up a large part of my brain the past few weeks, so it is only natural that it be Breaking Bad related. Some beautiful soul, took the time to edit together the first 4 seasons and the first half of season 5 into a two hour movie. It’s brilliant. I’d never take the time to do something like that, but there are plenty of people online who do. It makes the Internet a better place for all of us.

Okay let’s be serious. Did video kill the radio star?

I don’t condone violence … but yes, I think it is safe to say video killed the radio star. But the web has allowed the video star to flourish. It is amazing what a person can do with a camera and an Internet connection.

What kind of video can the people following you expect to see?

I’m interested in everything! You will see tech, film, TV, sports, anything you can imagine. Watching videos is one of the primary ways I learn about new subjects, and dive deeper into the things that already interest me — because the best part about discovering something new, is being able to share it with others.

What’s the difference between a video worth sharing and a video you’d keep to yourself?

Something that adds no value, is a video that I don’t think is worth sharing. I don’t want to waste people’s time. If it isn’t entertaining, educational, or extremely shocking- I probably won’t share it.

Last, but not least: if you could only follow any THREE PEOPLE on Shelby, like for the rest of time, who would they be?

Christopher Nolan — I think he is one of the most interesting filmmakers currently working. He probably watches some incredible videos. Kobe Bryant — I assume he would just share videos of himself jumping around, yelling at his teammates, and giving himself ridiculous nicknames. #vino #mamba Dave Chapelle — I think he is a genius. Even if he just shared videos of his old work, it would be a worthwhile follow for the rest of time.

Follow @Shelby and read the Shelby Blog for the all latest on our community of video curators. We’ll be revealing the top video curators we’re featuring every week! 


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Sep 30

Giveaway: Win Your Own Karma Wi-Fi Hotspot

Tired of being caught outside with no internet access? Want to be able to stream your video, or just surf the web, anywhere, anytime? 

Then you’ll LOVE this. 

We’re giving away a Karma pocket-sized WiFi hotspot, complete with 1 GB of data. All you need to do is share your favorite funny viral video with us on Facebook



How to Win

1. Find your favorite funny viral video.

2. Share the video link in a comment here. Tell us why you think it’s one of the funniest videos out there. Don’t forget to add #ShelbyKarma in your comment.

3. Share this image on your Facebook wall.&nbsp The Prize


A Karma Wi-Fi hotspot, which allows you to pay for data as you go and earn free data by sharing your connection. Karma rewards you with 100MB, every time someone new joins your connection. The more you share, the more you earn. Now that’s good karma! 
Karma’s pocket-sized hotspot can hold up to 8 connections at once, and last up to 8 hours on a single charge. It runs on an ultrafast 4G network and has coverage in over 80 U.S. cities.


How It Works 

We’ll select a winner and publish their name on our blog and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

When is It?

The giveaway begins today and will last 7 days. Check the Shelby Blog on Tuesday, October 8 to find out who won.

We don’t want anything to stand between you and your video. Win this giveaway and you’ll be able to stream Shelby anywhere you go.
Happy Watching!
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Sep 26

Featured Spotlight: Emily Wood


This week’s Featured user is a Shelby enthusiast from way back. Emily Wood, and her knack for relevant video, have been a focal point of our community since 2011.

Emily is the first to share an artfully crafted ad, like Guinness’ touching “Wheelchair” spot which hardly feels like an ad at all, or beautiful photographic finds such as “Full Moon Silhouettes,” a real time video of the moon rising over New Zealand that is pretty remarkable.

Emily’s passion for uncovering the both the touching and the hilarious viral video is just one reason why she’s this week’s Featured user.

Want to learn more about this power Shelby user and awesome video curator? Read below and keep an eye out for Emily’s vids in the Featured stream.

Let’s start with the basics: Name, Age, Occupation, please!

Emily Wood, 31, TV/Media Advertising Sales

When did you first discover Shelby.TV and what was your initial impression of us?

I randomly caught Reece and Dan on Techstars. My first impression was [literally]: holy shit this makes so much sense. I’m a huge believer in social TV and to me Shelby was the answer to what’s lacking in the content recommendation world. People need to seamlessly or serendipitously discover what’s “on” (TV vs video aside - content is content) via a social network or platform. To me Shelby immediately turned the noise of web video into a simple and pretty catalogue.

How would you describe your web video taste? What kind of video are you most likely to be watching and/or sharing in your spare time?

For the most part I’m definitely mainstream. But I want to see that viral video before it went viral - AND be the one who shares it with my social network. Taking it a step further, I also love content that inspires; I’ve found there is just as much inspiring content within the web video world as there is on TV, or in the movies. People make really beautiful short form videos.

What was the last amazing short video you watched?

I work in ad sales and have a soft spot for those *really great* commercials we’re all secretly are touched by. (Current favorite is a spot by Guinness. The message is sincere and important.) But truly “amazing” is a video I watch all the time: “Full moon silhouettes” is a video I recently re-shared. I’m currently at a work conference and just showed it to my colleague making it the last amazing video I watched. :)

Last, but not least, what’s the difference between a video worth sharing and a video you’d keep to yourself?

I genuinely believe the more we share the better we’ll all be. Why shouldn’t that apply to web video? If I’ve seen a video that inspired, educated, entertained or amused me: it’s worth sharing.

Follow @Shelby and read the Shelby Blog for the all latest on our community of video curators. We’ll be revealing the top video curators we’re featuring every week! 


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Sep 18

Featured Spotlight: Gary Sheynkman


When we had Shelby enthusiast and inspired video curator Gary Sheynkman over a few weeks back, his video tastes were ranging from the latest twerking and parkour vids to the some more thought-provoking finds

But like any voracious consumer of video, Gary’s tastes keep evolving (read: no-more-twerking) and that’s only one reason why we’re excited to spotlight him as this week’s Featured user!

Want to learn more about this Shelby power user? Keep on readin’. 



Name, Age, Occupation, Favorite Color

Gary Sheynkman, 26, Director of Ad-Ventures @ Carrot, Colors are an illusion


How likely are you to share Miley Cyrus’ twerk-tastic VMA performance when your curate video on Shelby?

twerking has jumped the shark


What’s the difference between a video worth sharing and a video you’d keep to yourself?

Everything you share should either delight or inform.


If you were stranded on a deserted island and you were only allowed to watch 3 videos — for the unforeseeable future — which would you choose?

Can I trade it for a single live feed? I’ll make a dish out of fish scales, coconuts, and bamboo (yes, picture it…). I think HBO would do nicely (HD if the coconuts are big enough).


Okay, in all seriousness, what genre of awesome videos can people following you on Shelby expect to see?

The odd epic music video, innovations in horology, things involving transportation, attention deserving ads, current affair-relevant movie clips, travel inspiration, and just plain “internet awesome”.



Discover all the awesome, quirky and mind-bending videos Gary's curating in the featured section of Shelby today. His latest find? This gem below: 

Follow @Shelby and read the Shelby Blog for the all latest on our community of video curators. We’ll be revealing the top video curators we’re featuring every week! 


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Sep 09

Featured Spotlight: Nicole Pagliaro aka NFP

Last week, we introduced a “Featured” stream in Shelby. This space is dedicated to showcasing a hand selected group of great content creators, curators, and videos shared by our team.

Among our community of great curators is none other than Nicole Francesca Pagliaro, or just NFP

For NFP, video is the ultimate form of self-expression. She’s not one to confine her cultural tastes to any particular niche, but chances are if you’re following her you will discover the best videos of tiny animals, surfing, and science the internet has to offer.

Want to learn more a bit more about NFP? Keep on readin’!

The Basics: Name, Age, Day Job, Location

NFP / 26 / Art Director / NYC 


Let’s start with the tough questions. What’s the all-time best video you’ve watched recently?

Jeez. That IS tough. I guess the first video that comes to mind is this rad short film written by my ex-boss Benny and his bandmate relatively recently. It’s nice to see old friends have the courage to share all kinds of personal art in new ways. But I’m still sort of reeling from that Real Life Barbie Vice short documentary.

If you could classify the kinds of videos you watch and share into one or two categories  what would they be?

haha. I’m somewhat across the board in video-watching habits. I don’t know if I could categorize them into one or two specific categories. I like videos that make me think, videos that make me think about moving, and videos that make me think about adopting something very tiny.

What’s the difference between a video worth sharing and a video you would keep to yourself?

Well, the idea of sharing anything implies interacting with a group larger than just yourself; anytime I share a video I’m hoping someone else sees that I posted it, will watch it, and then get something out of it like I did. If I watch a video that’s too focused on my interests and I don’t think anyone following me will get anything out of it, I won’t be social about it. It would feel like I’m intruding.

How have you translated your passion for offbeat, thought-provoking video, into your Shelby stream?

I think that goes back to curation being a form of exerting personality. If anything, curating these videos has helped me get a better understanding of myself in some ways. It helps me understand my friends better too, in a different way.

Follow @Shelby and read the Shelby Blog for the all latest on our community of video curators. We’ll be revealing the top video curators we’re featuring every week! 


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